@ Brookside . . . Week of July 29th

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Join us this summer for a long awaited and exciting Summer Sermon Series: "Becoming an Inclusive Community."

The series will begin with an introduction that allows us to be radically honest. We will talk about what can be scary about inclusivity and what can make the Bible such a dangerous book. The aim is to reimagine our church as a faith community that is working to be part of God's dream for the world, a radically inclusive Beloved Community.

The series will then lead into a five part rereading of some important biblical verses. We will rethink our approach to scripture and discover the truth, that the Bible actually **doesn't say anything** about homosexuality.

We understand that there may be a number of members of our church who have not participating in any real structured engagement on the issue of LGBTQ inclusivity. Our leadership is committed to making this a safe and inclusive space for everyone. There will be chances each Sunday for people to anonymously ask questions and provide feedback. Our Interim Minister, Rev. Michael Howard, invites anyone to engage in conversation with him to express discomfort or concern throughout the time of this series or after.

Won't you join us this summer:
9:30am on Sunday mornings @ Brookside Community Church.


"Kickoff Sunday" will be held on Sunday, September 9 from 9:30 – 11:30 am. We will have food, fun and fellowship for the whole family!  More details to follow.


For Emma Schaberg.
For Jack Miller's parents.
For Michele James’ mother Pat, who is recovering from surgery.
For Karen Burns Rutigliano’s daughter, Meghan.
For Megan Saliterman.
For Edie Marucci’s brother, Christian.

Prayer Joys and Concerns will be listed weekly. Please forward your requests during the week to: office@brooksidechurch.org  Requests received by Tuesday of each week will arrive in time for the following Sunday’s bulletin and @ Brookside. 

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