@ Brookside . . . Week of April 14


  • Please note, there will not be a Maundy Thursday service this year.

  • We will have a Good Friday Tenebrae Service on April 19 at 7pm featuring our own Adult Choir in concert. Come experience anew the story of the crucifixion interwoven with beautiful choral anthems.

  • Join us for breakfast on Easter morning in Scialla Hall at 8:30 am. Sign up here

  • One Easter Sunday service will be celebrated at 10am.

  • There will be an Easter Egg Hunt after worship.


A group of residents from the Mendhams have organized a Community Seder dinner for Monday, April 22, at 5 pm at the Brookside Community Club. All are invited to celebrate Passover traditions -- readings, stories, eating special foods, singing and drinking wine!  You can reserve a spot via Eventbrite, and pay at the door; $18 for adults, and $36 for families. The link is: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mendham-community-seder-registration-59016558114 Or, residents, can RSVP to mendhamseder@gmail.com


WEDNESDAY, April 24 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Come and join us on Wednesday evenings as we explore spiritual practices that can help center us and enrich our Christian faith. As people who strive for justice and seek to live a faith that is active, these spiritual practices can help us be more balanced in the health and well-being of our body, mind, and spirit.

Join us on April 24 at 6:30pm for A Taste of Tai Chi . Research from Harvard University Medical School concludes that tai chi may be one of the best exercises you can do for your life.  The ancient Chinese knew this centuries ago, as they have been using tai chi not only to correct a myriad of health problems, but also to grow their intuition, inner peace, creativity, and bestow longevity.  In the West, we mostly come across tai chi as a slow moving meditative exercise commonly practiced by older folks. What few know though, is that tai chi also can be practiced vigorously and used as a martial art.  Based not on religion, it interferes with no belief system. Instead, it is based on Taoist philosophy - the native philosophy of China that seeks to understand the ways of the universe and how mankind is part of it.  Let’s look at the deep and forgotten history of tai chi, while we also sample a few of the different types of tai chi, as well as its breathing, stretching, and meditative practices. Books and videos will be available for you to continue your exploration.

Loretta M. Wollering, MS, LMT
Shifu Loretta Wollering is the author of “Anatomy of Fitness: Tai Chi” (Hinkler, 2013) and founder of the international online school of tai chi, InternalGardens.com. She also maintains a top-shelf school in Randolph, NJ and teaches around the NJ/NYC area. Every spring, she produces and directs the Tai Chi Gala - a conference retreat that joins people to learn about and share in the art of tai chi chuan (taijiquan). Wollering used tai chi to heal her knee, and then to heal Crohn’s Disease while finishing grad school.  She has also competed in full contact fighting with tai chi. Her experiences serve as a springboard to help you understand how tai chi can enrich your life. 


Gaye Swanson and Mark Brumbaugh recently returned from a month of cycling in parts of Southwest China.  They will present a pictorial and verbal description of their impressions and answer questions on Thursday evening, April 25 at 7:00 PM in the Upper Room of the Anderson Wing.



This meeting will be held at Christ Congregation, 50 Walnut Lane, Princeton, NJ. There will be a business meeting, a keynote address of the state of the Central Atlantic Conference by The Rev. Freeman Palmer, Conference Minister, and a service of covenant for our 5 most recently welcomed UCC churches. Reports will be posted on the association website as they are received. Registration starts at 9:00 AM with the meeting beginning at 9:30 AM and the day will end around 1:00. Lunch will be served. The cost will be $10.00 a person, all are welcome to attend. Please RSVP to the NJA Office by Wednesday, May 8 via FAX 973-748-7779 or njaoffice@gmail.com Go to Christ Congregation's website for directions: www.ccprinceton.org


For Marc Behnke.
For Jack Miller’s parents.
For Linda Howe’s brother.

Prayer Joys and Concerns will be listed weekly. Requests received by Tuesday of each week will be included in the following Sunday’s bulletin and @ Brookside and will remain there for a month unless otherwise requested. Please forward your requests during the week to: office@brooksidechurch.org  

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