@ Brookside . . . Week of August 11

Rev. Nicolette Siragusa

Rev. Nicolette Siragusa


The Settled Search Committee is pleased to present the schedule for Candidate Weekend, Friday, September 13 through September 15.   We have several events planned to allow various groups to spend time with Pastor Nicolette Siragusa over the weekend.  We look forward to seeing you at one if not several of the planned events including Sunday, September 15 when Pastor Nicolette will lead worship, and the Brookside Community Church member vote will be taken.  

I.   Friday, 9.13.19

Potluck dinner for Council and Deacons 

II.   Saturday, 9.14.19

11:00 – 1:00:   Brunch for the staff and choir in Scialla Hall

1:30 – 3:30:   Open House with light refreshments in Scialla Hall

4:00 – 5:00:  Ice cream social for children, youth and their
families in Scialla Hall

5:30 – 8:00:   Search Committee dinner

          III.   Sunday, 9.15.19

Worship service lead by Pastor Nicolette

Q & A with Pastor Nicolette

Member vote with children and youth having a pizza party with Pastor Nicolette

In the meantime, we encourage you to take advantage of the “Ask Nicolette” column (details below) to get to know Pastor Nicolette and come to see why the Search Committee is very excited to present her and her family to you.  As always, should you have any questions, please reach out to any member of the Search Committee.  Thank you!

Jack Miller

Gina Bruno

Edna Ierley-Byrne

Michele James

David Sampson

Susannah Truitt

Sue Vlcko


We will welcome our pastoral candidate, The Rev. Nicolette Siragusa, to a time of fellowship and to lead worship on September 14-15. In preparation for that time together, she'd like to give you the opportunity to ask questions that will help you get to know her better. Questions can be about her, her ministry, her understanding of theology - you are welcome to ask whatever questions you have, though because of limited space she may not be able to answer them all through @Brookside. Please submit your questions to Nancy at office@brooksidechurch.org, and she will pass on the questions to Nicolette. Look for the answers here, in a section called "Ask Nicolette." 


Save the Date!   Please mark your calendar for the Senior Luncheon on Friday, September 13 from 12:00 pm - 2:00pm in Scialla Hall. Come catch up with your friends, have a little fun and enjoy a delicious meal.


Kathy Youzwak will be ordained at 11am on Saturday, August 24 at the Community Church of Mountain Lakes, 48 Briarcliff Road, Mountain Lakes. There will be a reception afterwards. All are welcome to attend!


For Nancy Wilson's friend, Jeff.
For Linda Howe’s brother, Douglas.

Prayer Joys and Concerns will be listed weekly. Requests received by Tuesday of each week will be included in the following Sunday’s bulletin and @ Brookside and will remain there for a month unless otherwise requested. Please forward your requests during the week to: office@brooksidechurch.org  

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