@ Brookside . . . Week of August 7th 


They are proposing the following vision statement: 

“To be a progressive, inclusive community of seekers serving others, while challenging ourselves to understand and practice the teachings of Jesus.”

Feel free to contact anyone on the Envision Team with feedback before our final decision at the Envision Celebration on Sunday, September 24. 

Envision Team: Paul Breda, Sam Fairchild, Edie Marucci, Jack Miller, Kaki Pierson, Karen Burns Rutigliano, Dave Sampson, Judy Schryver, Linda Steenbock, David Zimmerman                         

Miss a sermon? Want to hear it again?


Brookside Community Church is now on SoundCloud!

Visit the sermons page at brooksidechurch.org/sermonsor download the SoundCloud app on your phone at SoundCloud.com/brooksidechurch.




Black River Barn
in Randolph
Aug 19 @ 7pm

The next Sunday Suds will be held this Sunday, August 13 at the Black River Barn in Randolph at 7pm.  (Sponsored by the Growth Committee)

Favorite hymns?


For the remainder of the summer, we will invite the congregation to choose a favorite hymn to sing during our Sunday worship service. Be thinking of which hymns you love the best, feel free to let us know ahead of time!

SUMMER COFFEE HOUR HOSTS NEEDED – Hosts are needed for this Sunday, August 13 and September 3.  During the summer months, hosting Coffee Hour consists of preparing 2 pitchers each of lemonade and iced tea. Coffee and tea is not served. Hosts have provided simple snacks such as fruit and coffee cake, but these snacks are NOT a requirement for coffee hour hosts to supply. Please contact the church office or click here to sign up. 


LET’S BE FACEBOOK FRIENDLY - "Whenever two or more are gathered in my name, so shall Facebook be there."  Wait a minute, that's not right!  However, with all the great things going on at Brookside we want to make sure they can be shared, and that's what Facebook is for! Please take pictures and share them with our community and church family at  https://www.facebook.com/brooksidechurch

(Please do, to the extent practical, get people's permission first - not practical with crowds, but absolutely necessary with children)