CE Spring calendar

April 22

The Role and Responsibilities of a Deacon - David Sampson

10:30-11 Choir Practice

April 27   (Friday Night)

5:30 Raptor Trust/ Pasta Night  - Invite a Friend!

April 29

Completion of Kindness Garden - Fun with Ari!

May 6 (Celebrating Creation)

How to be a Birdwatcher - Kaki Pierson
Bring your boots for hike weather permitting

10:30-11 Choir Practice

BCE Meeting - Topic Youth Sunday

May 13

Family Sunday/ Mother’s Day/ Dedication of Raptor Donations

special Music Performance:
“Lord be my rock”

For this performance, Children's Music will be singing with the Adult Choir! The music is a combination of “Lord Be My Rock” and “Jesus Loves Me.” In this song, we learned about how the Bible tells us that Jesus loves us all no matter who we are.

May 20

Preparation begins for Youth Sunday

10:30-11 Choir Practice

May 27 Memorial Day Weekend

One Room Schoolhouse

10:30-11 Choir Practice

June 3

Preparation continues for Youth Sunday

10:30-11 Choir Practice
BCE Meeting

June 10


August TBD CE Meeting

Sept 2

Interfaith Food Pantry Drive Kick-off

10:30-11 Choir Practice

Sept  9


Oct 7

World Communion Sunday

Family Sunday/Dedication of Food Pantry Donations