Part 4: God Images

IMAGE CREDIT:  Equal , by Oliver Cole (2017) [ ]

IMAGE CREDIT: Equal, by Oliver Cole (2017) []

God Images:
Gender, Sexuality, and Human Dignity

July 29, 2018
Pentecost 10B
Genesis 1:26-28
Brookside Community Church
8 East Main Street
Brookside, NJ 07926


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"To be a community that faithfully follows Jesus, we must begin with the confession that all human beings are bearers of the image of God. This means that we cease being stone throwers and dedicate our lives to becoming faithful stone catchers."

Go A LIttle Deeper:

Gender Revolution.jpeg

For LGBTQ resources from our denomination, visit

This Sunday, Pastor Michael mentioned a special issue of National Geographic that came out last January (2017) titled Gender Revolution.

There are copies of this issue available to borrow from the church office, along with the accompanying DVD. Feel from to contact the office at if you would like more information about accessing these helpful resources.

Thankfully, National Geographic has prepared a discussion guide for teachers and parents, available at

Many of the articles from that special issue are available online at

That issue also has a helpful glossary available here:

Here is a video of the discussion after the broadcast, with interviews and discussions by Katie Couric. (There are DVDs of the original broadcast available to borrow from the Brookside Church office.)