@ Brookside . . . Week of May 12


Dear Brookside Church Community:

We have good news on the fundraising front! The manse kitchen is getting closer to becoming a reality, thanks to a generous offer we just received. An anonymous giver has offered a matching gift of $7,500, which should help us get very close to our goal of raising $30,000 for the manse kitchen. To date, we have collected about $14,000. Thanks to all who have given already! The timeliness and generosity of your gifts are deeply appreciated! Now, if we collect another $7,500, that will be matched and become $15,000, and added to the $14,000 we have in hand, we will reach our goal. The generous donor mentioned that Brookside Church was a very important part of their life, and they would like to see us hire a wonderful pastor. They know that the condition of the manse will be crucial in the hiring process, but they also do not want to be the only one contributing ­- so please do so if you have not already! 

Many Thanks!! (The Trustees with the enthusiastic support of the Search Committee) 


Our next soup kitchen will be held this Saturday, May 18th, and we are in need of additional servers and black shirts (certified kitchen staff). If you can spare a few hours to help those in need, we'd appreciate your help.


Greeting newcomers and visitors to the church is one of the most important roles you can play in the life of the church. So is certification really necessary?  Absolutely not - but it does sound like fun! We'll take about 15 minutes during Coffee Hour this Sunday, May 19 to share real-life stories of greeting, and being greeted; best practices for "The Art of the Greeting," and more. There is no exam, but there will be certificates issued to those who take the Oath to Greet! The Community Outreach Committee is looking for participation from those with stories of the first time you visited Brookside, and stories and insights from experienced greeters.  All you need to do is be there!

Thanks for your cooperation. We’re all a part of the process of calling a new pastor, and this is an essential part of that process.


WEDNESDAY, MAY 22 6:30-8:30PM

How does your home feel when you walk through the door? Is it welcoming with a feeling of happiness and joy? Or, do you feel your heart and body sink and then collapse with exhaustion? By making a few simple changes in your home, a noticeable shift in your homes energy can happen. This shift can then effect the areas of your life such as relationships, finances, and health.

Feng Shui is so much more than rearranging your furniture. The practice of feng shui is about releasing stagnant, blocked energy to create a home that supports you and your family’s well-being.

In this interactive program you’ll learn what the three most important areas are in your home that have the greatest influence on you and your family. You’ll take away easy, simple ideas of changes you can make in your home. We’ll also take an inner journey to connect with the energy of your home.

Come prepared to ask questions and take notes.

Stephanie Litwin is a certified Feng Shui consultant and Elemental Space Clearer. She’s also certified with many years of experience as a early childhood educator, yoga instructor and Thai massage practitioner. Stephanie has lived in Mendham since 1987 where she and her husband raised their family.


For Marc Behnke.
For Jack Miller’s parents.
For Linda Howe’s brother.

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